Robbins Accu-Fit™ Sealing Ring System



We are thrilled to introduce the new Accu-Fit™ Sealing Rings from Robbins LLC. These new patent- pending sealing rings bring a number of unique features to the envelope sealing ring market and will help ease the burden on retread plants worldwide, both in terms of ease of use and total cost of operation.

The Product:

The Accu-Fit™ Sealing Rings come in two parts. There is the Sealing Ring Base. Over the Base, the user will fit the Sealing Ring Insert. By having a separate Base and Insert, the user will save money by only having to replace the actual wear part of the sealing ring. In addition, the Insert is easy to install on envelopes, easy to handle, and comes with a “wear indicator” which will tell the user when to replace the Insert. Offered in a variety of sizes from 14 inch to 24.5 inch, the Accu-Fit™ Sealing Ring products are made to fit over a variety of existing metal rings currently used with traditional rubber sealing rings (including but not limited to Bandag, Presti Sureseal, and Shamrock’s Bulldog sealing rings). This superb retro-fit feature means that conversion to the Robbins LLC Accu-Fit™ Sealing Rings is seamless and painless while providing for immediate opportunities to start saving money in today’s challenging retread plant environment. Installation of the Accu-Fit™ Sealing Ring Base and Insert is extremely easy with minimal effort.


We expect that the Insert will outperform existing sealing rings in terms of # of cures. Once the “wear indicator” bands show that replacement is suggested, the user simply replaces the Insert with a new Insert. These Inserts are lower in price, thus starting your savings process. As soon as you install the replacement insert, you will have saved money vs. buying 2 regular rings. Our testing suggests an annual savings of 25% or more on your rubber sealing ring expenses. In addition, this system will save time and the environment by having less landfill waste.

When available:

The system is available now. Contact your favorite Robbins distributor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this system fit over my existing metal bands?

We have tested the system on all major systems and have had no issues.

Do I install the Insert before I install the Base?

We suggest installing the Base over the metal band first, then installing the Insert over the Base.

What is the “Wear Indicator”?

The edge of the Insert has a smaller band on both sides. Once the larger bands are even with the smaller bands, we suggest replacement of the Insert.

How long does installation take?

Replacement of the Base and Insert can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

How many are in a box?

There are 2 in every box (enough to do 1 tire).

Do you offer separate components?

We offer the combination Base and Insert and then separately the replacement Insert.

What sizes are available?

We can retrofit all major sealing ring sizes and can develop custom sizes upon request. Currently covered sizes range from 14” to 24.5”.

I see there is a bond on both the Base and the Insert. Will they come apart?

We fuse both the Base and Insert parts. These fuse bonds are permanent. We have done extensive testing and the bond is guaranteed to not come apart with normal usage. The Base has been tested with a weight of 1,500 lbs and performed fantastic.

The next revolution in Sealing Rings
  • A complete new way to do rubber sealing rings
  • Consists of a separate body and insert
  • Tread band insert can be replaced
  • Wear indicators show replacement timing
  • Premium rubber will outlast all other systems
  • Fits on all existing metal bands used with rubber
  • Easy installation and replacement
  • Reduces waste
  • Results in overall reduced cost/cure
  • Patent pending – made in the USA!
  • Available in all sizes from 14” to 24.5”
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