Retread Accessories


Robbins is the one-stop source for your retread shop’s envelopes, curing tubes, and the accessories for producing quality retread tires.

We produce and supply:

  • Envelope Lube – Available in a variety of sizes.
  • Wick Pads and Envelope Repair Cement – Made with the same high-heat resistant materials as our CMT envelopes.
  • Valves – Standard and Sure Seal models for Accu-Fit and Accu-Fit CMT.
  • Connectors – Sure Seal Nipple and Coupler
1005611Envelope Lube – Quart
1005612Envelope Lube – Gallon
1005613Envelope Lube – 5 Gallon
2022WickPad Inside Outside (med) 15/box. 48.75" x 6.75"
2036WickPad Inside Outside (small) 20/box. 29.00" x 5.00"
2035WickPad Inside Outside (large) 20/box. 55.50" x 6.75"
2043Wick Pad Reinforced Rectangular 15/box 6" x 21"
2013Sure Seal Adapter
2014Sure Seal Wide Base Valve
2015Sure Seal Valve
2016Sure Seal Coupler
2026Teflon "O" Ring
2028Viton "O" Ring
2002210Lube Kit
2029Sure Seal Nut
2030Sure Seal Washer
60414CMT Valve Spud
60415CMT washer
60416CMT hex nut
60425Unitube Spool
2037Envelope Repair Kit - Two Roll
2038Envelope Repair Kit - One Roll
2039Envelope Repair Kit - Cement
888 CALOne pound roll of repair gum
2027Bar code tag
20111/4" Envelope Adapter .482 thread w/Teflon O-ring (compatible for use with Bandag Sytsems)

Robbins Accessories
The right accessories for the job help ensure a smooth process and quality retread tires.

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